Millers Point Coastal Resort

Millers Point is a coastal resort on the Cape Peninsula. Situated along the scenic route between Simons Town and Cape Point. The resort is pinched between the Swartklip Mountain and the Indian Ocean, creating a spectacular setting.

This site is home to one of the last remaining examples of Coastal Duneveld in the Cape Peninsula and supports populations of rare or threatened species. This coupled with the high intensity of use in a relatively small area indicate a high conservation value for the natural environment. Located within the Millers Point site is shore access to the Castle Rock Marine Reserve, which is a world-class scuba diving destination and the slipway that creates a popular access point for commercial fisherman.

The Millers Point coastal resort project included a comprehensive site analysis, conceptual design, a development framework and a phased implementation plan to guide future development.

Location Plan:

Situated approximately 2km outside Simon’s Town, it forms part of a 72 hectare property owned by the City of Cape Town (CoCT). The area covers part of the lower slopes of the Swartberg mountain range and extends towards the False Bay coastline.



Site Analysis:


Existing infrastructure

The site is located on the seaward side of the M4 coastal road, extending from the mobile home/caravan park in the north to the clubhouse in the south. The recreational area currently comprises of a caravan park, mobile homes, holiday accommodation, a restaurants, tidal pool and picnic area, boat launching facilities and a clubhouse.


Vegetation Types

The typical vegetation types , which occur in Millers Point  naturally are broadly classified as Strandveldt Thicket, Coastal Duneveld and Dune (Asteraceous) Fynbos. Two Red Data Species Otholobium fruticans and Psoralea repens were recorded in a botanical study. A number of alien and invasive vegetation species have been planted as ornamentals or garden plants. It became crucial to conserve the Dune Asteraceous Fynbos from development and contain human movement on boardwalks, as well as eradicating all invasive alien species.



Marine Recreational Activities

The principle marine activities immediately offshore from Miller Point coastal development include boat angling and line fishing, shore angling and diving. Millers Point is located in close proximity to the Castle Rock Marine Reserve, which runs from Millers point to Partridge Point. This reserve is one of three Marine Sanctuaries in the Cape Peninsula that offers full protection to all species.




Framework plan

The main challenge in developing the framework was to accommodate the broad range of and high intensity users on the site while still being sensitive to the fragile natural environment in a very limited area.

2 major principles emerge from Policy Frameworks to guide planning, they are:

1. The importance of the slipway to small scale Recreational and Commercial Fishermen on the Peninsula. It is one of very few left open to the public.

2. The ecological importance of the site as identified in the Southern South Peninsula Local Structure Plan (May 1998). It goes further to say that any conflict must be resolved in favour of Environmental Conservation. Formal recreational facilities are to be restricted to the upgrading of existing facilities. Nature based tourism activities to be optimised.